Executive Coaching

In a world where the demand for greater productivity, better quality in less time is stronger than ever there comes an increase in the pressure of executive leaders to perform and deliver.

In senior management ranks there is greater complexity of accountability and responsibilities. Effectively leading people and strategic management are essential requirements that entail ongoing, high-level pressure. With this comes a need for greater skills in areas such as:

  • adaptable communication and leadership styles
  • personal branding and leadership identity clarification
  • hosting difficult conversations and managing conflict
  • learning how to identify strengths in people and capitalise on those
  • exercise resilience
  • influencing change for the betterment of a business that may not be embraced by the people.

Focus is on educating and coaching senior leaders self-identify strengths and weaknesses in themselves and others, learn coping skills for handling pressure, ongoing stress, learning to manage mental and emotional wellbeing to not only cope and manage but take performance of themselves and their team to new levels.

Undertaking this type of coaching is unique. Individuals benefit from the added value of working with a performance psychologist.

Educated, supported and coached through limitations which affect their ability to achieve chosen goals, leaders become better equipped with strategies, specific to their style to make leading and guiding their people easier, simpler and more effective.