HDPPG Services


HDPPG provides individual coaching and counselling as well as facilitated workshops to help individuals who may be operating ‘below the line’ to move further toward ‘the level’ and then into the ‘greater potential’ zone.

Change can often require patience, understanding, conscious practice and committed to change, and time.

Depending on where each client is starting from, the support, guidance and strategies need to be uniquely tailored not just to their circumstances but many other variables which affect the success of the individual’s progressive journey:

  • The client’s prepareness and willingness to achieve a change

  • Patterns of behaviour

  • Personal values, morals, ethics and principles

  • State of physical health

  • The environment in which one lives and the constant regular and routine influences he/she may be subject to

  • Relationship influences

Below are the areas in which HDPPG works.